and I want you to know you’re not alone, no matter what you’re going through!

Let’s ditch the small talk and get right to the real, raw stuff beneath the surface.

I'm Monica,

hey there!

When my former husband disclosed his longstanding addictions to pornography and alcohol, which ultimately resulted in his betrayal, my world shattered instantly.
I felt so alone

like nobody would understand what I was going through.

I was faced with two options: 
I could either be consumed by bitterness and resentment, let his choices erode my sense of self-worth, shut my heart off and never trust again…


 I could choose to lean in, do the hard work, and heal.

I remember the day my world imploded.

my story

i chose to heal.

“Monica is blessed with the gift of communication. She has a way of putting words to exactly what I am feeling in my heart and mind. She is such a light in, especially in her brokenness. Her transparency, vulnerability, and ability to create community are what so many women need.”

- Brittney Vanassen

Ditch the small talk for real, deep conversations about the stuff beneath the surface. From mental, emotional and physical wellness, to relationships, faith and business, the goal is always the same: We're choosing to heal, grow and thrive each day. 

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